(u ever feel alone?)


open wide baby, come inside

u let me in the gates of heaven

lose my mind baby, every time

out of 10 u an 11

lure me in, temptation's gonna win

I don't got time for no shit

we explore you're the sheath to my sword

I hope we never ever quit.


feels so good, u know it should

I just want all ur attention

eye to eye I get so high

off sounds u make to release the tension

read my lips, i'll grab you by the hips

u don't got time for no shit

(I want to) make you scream, do it all for me

till u cannot control it.


I can't feel nobody

I can't feel nobody

I can't feel nobody

but u


do it baby

do it all to me

ur sweet nectar that's in between ur thighs

its got me on my knees

ur piercing look looks right through my soul

make me beg for more

girl i'm hooked, ur in control

I want what we did before


℗ 2020 loveless




Produced, composed, written, arranged and performed by Zac Apollo